@TheHowlRadio - Timberwolves, Iowa Wolves and Gophers

December 17, 2021 00:58:15
@TheHowlRadio - Timberwolves, Iowa Wolves and Gophers
The Howl Radio
@TheHowlRadio - Timberwolves, Iowa Wolves and Gophers

Show Notes

Going over Recent gamesL

Timberwolves vs. Nuggets

Iowa Wolves vs Herd 2 game series

Gophers Vs. Islanders

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1st quarter we look back at the games that were and preview the week ahead. 2nd quarter again is our talkers segment. This week with a good dose of both Wolves and general NBA topics. We will also feature another edition of the new segment called breaking down the game where we examine and explain a rule or play type so you can better understand it going forward. We then finish off with a fantasy draft where we will all three draft fantasy teams live that we can then follow throughout the season. Halftime this week we feature some tracks from the secret sauce of the Howl Audio Topper Atwood whom without, this show would not be possible. 3rd Quarter is 2K All Day. This quarter is sponsored by 2K and tonight we continue our 2K Dynasties. Listen closely as each week we will have a secret word and we’ll be giving away a copy of NBA2K18 for PS4 or XBOX on the Nothing But Net channel. Tweet us @TheHowlRadio with the #2K18Giveaway and we will contact one lucky listener. If you are able to give us the secret word you will win a copy of 2K18. We will end our 2K quarter with a look at what is new in this years 2K and give you more reasons to go out and buy it if you haven’t already. ...


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Jorge Cantu - Heat Kevin Chouinard - Hawks Stephen Cameron - Magic Kevin and Rob - Hornets and Wizards 2K Rebuild Challenge. See who can rebuild their franchise the fastest and have the most success. ...



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