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A Fresh Perspective and Completely Biased Show about Everything Minnesota Timberwolves as well as NBA Coverage. Episodes include everything from game breakdowns to trivia and 2K simulations. We always make sure to touch on the big NBA stories of today from a general perspective as well as from a Timberwolves perspective.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. @TheHowlRadio - Collins, Lakers

    Talking about the switch from Saunders to Finch and the early returns. Diving into a potential John Collins trade. How did the Wolves do vs. the Lakers? ...


  2. @TheHowlRadio - Game Reviews

    Positives and negatives from the last 3 games. Breaking down where things went wrong in the close losses. ...


  3. @TheHowlRadio - Games, Rotations, Towns Back!

    Looking at the current state of the Wolves in terms of games and rotations. What is the answer to the age old question how do we fix the Wolves? ...


  4. @TheHowlRadio - A magical loss

    This game was ugly but what can fans and the team take away from it? Deep dive into the final 4 minutes. ...


  5. @TheHowlRadio - Grizzlies Collapse

    Diving into the Grizzly game as well as other Wolves storylines. ...